Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Asterisk the Gaul (Asterix the Gall?) #pedantbanter

Sometimes, when I am not saying "Oh, FGS" about Legoland or Deal Or No Deal or homeopathy or Procter & Gamble (that last one is a lie, I am always channelling my inner "Oh, FGS" at P&G), I like to relax and take time out by nitpicking grammar and generally being a pedantic geek.  I would like to share a small piece of that with you now, in the first of an occasional series I shall call #pedantbanter.

Here goes.

This is an asterisk *  (shown here actual size: *)

This is Asterix

This is an obelisk

And this is Obelix

This post is me being dogmatic.

And this is Dogmatix

(I’ll stop now. For now.)