Disclaimer: Nothing on here is true. Probably.

Some of it's about telly.

Some of it's about social media.

Some of it's about other stuff.

Most of it is about something that makes some people go "Oh fgs".

The "g" stands for "God's", "god's", "goodness" or "goblin's", depending on your religious persuasion, or lack or it, or inner whimsy.

Everyone should have an inner whimsy, after all.  And if more people wore their inner whimsy as their outer whimsy, the world would be a better place.

If "better" means "more whimsical" anyway.  Which it must, surely.


  1. Only girls have whimsys, don't they?

  2. Well.

    I think boys can have them too. Sort of on a timeshare basis.

  3. Wasn't there a film about that? The Last Whimsy? Boys never actually "have" them, though, do they? They are able to use them for access. A bit like a shared driveway.

  4. A few boys can have them, but it takes someone who's spent a long time at medical school to help them.

  5. I'd not want the responsibility of the upkeep of my own driveway, if I were a man.